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Fall '09

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December 7: Dan Levin -- Teaching biology for core ideas (abstract: web)

November 23: Jen Richards -- Exploring the relationship between teachers' views of students and their practices of attending to the substance of student thinking (abstract: web) (transcript)

November 9: Colleen Gillespie & the MSP^2 research group -- Exploring the stability of a teacher's goals during an inquiry lesson

October 26: Discussion of Chapter 5 (pdf) from Dennett (1991) "Consciousness Explained" -- question: what is the Cartesian Theater and what does rejecting it mean for education research?  Also, Jen Richards with a video clip of a 6th-grade science teacher -- question: what epistemological messages may students and/or teachers be receiving about science? (abstract: web) (transcript)

October 12: Luke Conlin -- Conflict in Scientific Inquiry Discussions (abstract: web) (transcript)

September 28: Tiffany Sikorski -- Investigating the role of inconsistencies during students' self-designed experiments (abstract: web pdf) (transcripts: #1 #2)

September 14: Brian Danielak & the Engineering Ed. Group -- The Role of Emotion and Affect in Engineers' Mathematical SenseMaking (abstract: web pdf) (supporting materials)


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