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Welcome to the Science Education Seminar Wiki

The Science Teaching Center

Department of Education, Curriculum & Instruction

University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Related Websites: The Science Teaching Center     Physics Education Research Group

Check here for the latest information about the seminar, get presenter's notes, transcripts, and to add your own content


When is it?  

Where is it? 


The first Thursday of every month during the semester

   -alternating with the PERG research meeting

Physics Building 

room 1303


Spring 2011 Schedule

contact Colleen Gillespie (gillespie.colleen(at)gmail) if you'd like to present at an upcoming Science Ed Seminar

Feb. 3
Science Ed Seminar
Chandra Turpen

Understanding faculty accounts of stabilities and changes in instructional practice 


Feb. 16 PERG Research Meeting    
March 2 (Wednesday) PERG Renee Michelle Goertzen (FIU)  

March 17 (Thursday)


Science Ed Seminar Jen Richards and Kristi Hall How can we start to understand students' expectations for success in a biology course? 

April 12 (Special Tuesday)


Science Ed Seminar
Mauricio Pietrocola (U of Sao Paulo, Brazil)


April 14(note: not the usual 1st Thursday of the month)



Science Ed Seminar Ricardo Karam (U of Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Focusing on the structural role of mathematics in physics instruction.

April 20 PERG Research Meeting    
May 5 Science Ed Seminar

1. Eric Kuo

2. Ben Dreyfus

1. Linking the dynamics of students reasoning to epistemology
2. Students’ Views of Macroscopic and Microscopic Energy in Physics and Biology

May 18



PERG Research Meeting    





Fall 2010

Sept 15
perg research meeting Ayush Gupta
Role of Affect in Student Discussion during Physics Tutorials
OCTOBER 4 Special talk Julia Svoboda Modeling a student's epistemic development in terms of epistemological resources.  Download transcripts  (Meeting Notes)
October 7th
SciEd. Seminar Luke Conlin
What's So Funny About Learning Physics?
October 20th
perg research meeting TBD
November 4th
SciEd Seminar Brian Danielak
interview data of a student striving for a "physical sense" of circuits in an engineering class
November 17th
perg research meeting TBD

December 2nd

SciEd Seminar  Andy Elby
Combining teacher professional development with basic research: Case studies of conceptual change and inquiry for English language learners 
December 15th
perg research meeting TBD




What is the Science Education Seminar?

The Science Education Program Seminar bi-weekly meeting where professors, students, and those interested in research in science education can interact, present research (at any stage of progress), and engage in lively critical discussion.  Presentations range from completed, polished talks to open-ended discussions around a potential research question.  


Ghosts of Seminars Past: Fall '08 > Spring '09 > Fall '09 > Spring '10



If you have any ideas about a speaker to invite or a paper to read or anything else regarding the seminar, please put it here:


suggested speakers:

Joel Kuipers, Dept. of Anthropology, The George Washington University

Zaynep Tufekci, Dept. Sociology & Anthropology, UMBC


suggested readings: 

  • "Multiple Drafts Versus the Cartesian Theater", Chapter 5 (pp 101-138) in Dennett, D. (1991). Consciousness Explained. Boston, MA: Little, Brown, and Co. (pdf)
  • Viechnicki, G. B., & Kuipers, J. (2006).  "It's all human error!": When a school science experiment fails. Linguistics and Education. 17(2), 107-130.  (pdf)
  • Pinker, S. (2007). The Stuff of Thought: Language as a Window Into Human Nature. New York: Viking. (pdf coming soon)
  • Schoenfeld, A. H. (2002). A highly interactive discourse structure. Social Constructivist Teaching, 9, 131-169. (pdf)
  • (your suggestion goes here)


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