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What is a 'Wiki'

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"A wiki (pronounced /ˈwɪki/ WIK-ee) is a website that allows the easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser using a simplified markup language or a WYSIWYG text editor.  Wikis are typically powered by wiki software and are often used to create collaborative websites, to power community websites, for personal note taking, in corporate intranets, and in knowledge management systems."

----this is the word according to Wikipedia, the most famous example of a wiki.


DON'T BE AFRAID, it's easy.


Lesson #0

To contribute to this wiki, just make a username and password


Lesson #1

 It doesn't even take much practice.  In fact, practice now; create a new page by clicking here.



Lesson #2

Above the title of every page, there are two tabs: VIEW and EDIT.  Click on the EDIT tab and crorect the spelling in this sentence.


that should be plenty to get around at first.  Here are a few more tips:



When you create a new page, its often best to create a link back to where you came from.  Create a link back to here on this page



Tip #2

To help others navigate, it helps if you put links to the FrontPage and other useful pages.  Try it now.  

     Select this word: FrontPage 

     Click on the icon above that looks like a globe and a paperclip

     hit OK, and your done!



Tip #3

Using Format to organize your page can help others read and navigate the wiki.  

Try it now: triple-click on this sentence, and select "Normal" from the Format menu above.



Please contribute to the wiki, when you have ideas, questions, or suggestions. Don't be afraid, that's what it's for!  Only the site creator (Luke) sees who wrote what...that is, unless someone names the right price ; p


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